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About Us
Mickey and Sarah Beth

Belvedere means "a beautiful place" and this beauty is truly abundant throughout. It is 160 acres of lush rolling pastures and numerous paddocks surrounded by wooden fences, magnificent forest and stately trees. Belvedere includes the architecturally inspiring and highly functional barn and stables, an indoor arena including the accompanying working round pen, breeding facilities, and countless other supporting components and features carefully designed to complement this fully equipped operation. Once a Southern plantation in the 1800's, Belvedere today is where discriminating Arabian enthusiasts can enjoy with confidence the pleasures, the lifestyle, and the opportunities that come from being part of this "beautiful place.

Until early 2010, Belvedere was primarily a private facility for the Womble family. Before that time, the Wombles, particularly Mickey and then later daughter Sara Beth, had enjoyed many years of the pleasures and challenges of breeding and competing with their beloved Arabians. Throughout these many years, their commitment to the Arabian horse had blessed the Wombles with great horses, lifelong friendships, and numerous championships at all levels of competition. By the beginning of 2010, the family decided to further encourage and share these possibilities with friends and clients by opening the doors of Belvedere to the public. The goal of Belvedere was, and is, to offer clients and friends something more, something unique, something special.

Belvedere unquestionably had the exceptional facilities and grounds, it had the deep pool of spectacular breeding and show horses, and it had the enduring commitment, experience, and leadership of the Wombles. Having these remarkable components in place offered promise and opportunity for considerable success as it is usually understood. However, the goal of Belvedere was, and is, to offer clients and friends something more, something unique, something special. We believe that the Arabian horse deserves it and we believe those who love the Arabian horse deserve it.

Belvedere is committed to offering a service and an experience that supersedes the norm, one that is founded on the connection and special relationship between the client and the horse. We provide the services necessary embracing competition and marketing but at the same time offers each individual an experience that goes deeper than just ribbons and money. At Belvedere, we have extensive knowledge of and fully support the many sound investment and tax advantages available from owning Arabian horses. However, at Belvedere, it is our heartfelt belief that the rich rewards of owning Arabian horses can be achieved and continued over time primarily if the foundation for that endeavor is the relationship between owner and horse.

With Belvedere's doors opened to the public, the unique service centered principles underlying its performance objectives in place, now in order for Belvedere to achieve these atypical goals, it would certainly need the leadership of an atypical and uniquely capable head trainer. Tara Carpio unmistakably has those qualities and Belvedere celebrated and welcomed her as head trainer. Since Tara's arrival, the progress of Belvedere toward its clearly defined goals has been both tangible and remarkable. Tara brought to Belvedere and the clients a lifetime of passion for Arabians and more than 20 years of industry experience with the Arabian horse. Her knowledge, her experience, and her incredible ability to train are only surpassed by her ability to foster her relationship with the client and that special bond between the client and their Arabian horse.

Belvedere is the home of the Womble family: DeeDee, Mickey and the children, Benjamin 18 and Sarah Beth 14. Mickey had the original passion for the horses, but Sarah Beth has it too. Once Sarah Beth started competing and capturing the ribbons, DeeDee joined on as well. Like most who have pursued their love of the Arabian, this family and Belvedere has had its fair share of challenges. Most notably was the fire that took the original stables and four Arabians as well. At that time, Mickey led the effort to breed, show, and market mostly halter type Arabians. There were a few riding horses just for fun. The fire took the facilities and the tack but losing the four horses was a stinging blow to the spirit. Those who have experienced a fire understand it is a dramatic and hurtful experience. Feeling this loss and without a suitable facility, Mickey sold most of the breeding and show horses keeping a few of the favorite family horses. That is where Sarah Beth had her first experiences with Arabians.

From her earliest years, Sarah Beth would ride in the saddle with her Dad on long trail rides through the farm and surrounding timber land. These were magical times and the bond between Dad and daughter, and between daughter and Arabian, were permanently forged. These times healed the heart and when Sarah Beth decided it was time to start showing, Belvedere Farm came back into the Arabian business. Mickey had already designed the replacement barn in his mind. Soon he undertook the construction of the grand facility that centers Belvedere today.